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Some experts believe the delivery of financial services is generic… we respectfully disagree. We strive to make you feel like you’ve never experienced better service than you do from us. We won’t treat you like a number, and we certainly aren’t just interested in your transaction. We offer financial solutions – plural. We’re interested in you, your goals, and what matters in your world.

We’re proud of our team of bankers and how hard they work for our clients and communities. We’re at your service and you can count on our team. Our responsibility is to help you. Our privilege is to find the right solution for your specific wants and needs. We promise to make you feel extraordinary attention, confidence, and ease in every relationship with our organization.

We look forward to taking care of you.

Gabe Aufrance Branch Manager & Commercial Lender 330-674-5019 email view lender profile
Tim Bahler Branch Manager & Commercial Lender 330-462-7031 email
Kathy Bartlebaugh Trust Administrative Officer 740-399-5141 email
Nick Blanchard - headshot
Nick Blanchard Commercial Lender 740-399-5122 email view lender profile
Bob Boss - headshot
Bob Boss Executive Vice President 330-674-3041 email
cheri-butcher - headshot
Cheri Butcher Senior Vice President 740-399-5104 email
Phyllis Colopy Branch Manager 740-599-6686 email
Levi Curry Assistant Vice President, Mortgage and Consumer Lending 740-399-5215 email
Rachelle Dallas Assistant Vice President, Branch Administration 740-399-5394 email
debbie-daniels -headshot
Debbie Daniels Trust Administrative Officer 740-399-5208 email
Jessica Davis Administrative Manager, Lender 740-399-5126 email
Lance Dill Branch Manager 419-886-3711 email
Krystal Drye Branch Manager 740-397-6187 email
Wendi Fowler Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer 740-399-5218 email
Laurie Gallwitz Branch Manager 740-625-6136 email
Todd Hawkins Banking Officer, Trust Portfolio Manager 740-399-5526 email
Brandon Hayes Commercial Lender and Branch Manager 419-946-9010 email
Cindy Higgs Vice President and Senior Retail Lender 740-399-5272 email
James Hobson Vice President & Commercial Lender 740-399-5205 email
jason-hummel - Headshot
Jason Hummel Regional Commercial Lender 330-674-3041 email
Dave Humphrey Commercial Lender 740-399-5202 email
Erin Kelty Assistant Branch Manager 419-946-9010 email
Jeff Kinney Mortgage/Consumer Lender 330-674-3604 email
Ed Kline Assistant Vice President & Business Development 419-946-9010 email view lender profile
Darrell Lee - headshot
Darrell Lee Commercial Lender 330-462-7032 email view lender profile
Mary Loyd Banking Officer, Financial Advisor 740-399-5195 email
Paul Mayville Branch Manager 740-694-2035 email
Jim Meyer Assistant Vice President, Mortgage and Consumer Lending 740-399-5109 email
Monique Milligan Branch Manager 740-399-5517 email
Rayma Ruhl Assistant Branch Manager 740-694-2035 email
Joy Sheets Branch Manager 740-399-5102 email
Sherry Snyder - headshot
Sherry Snyder Commercial Cash Management Officer 740-399-5613 email
Tiffany Stefano Operations Manager 330-674-5284 email
Steve Waers - headshot
Steve Waers Commercial Lender 740-399-5118 email