Stock Transfer Options
Transfer agents provide highly specialized services for companies that offer shares of the company to the public.

They keep detailed shareholder records, issue certificate or book entry shares, distribute dividend payments and process reinvestment plans, distribute annual meeting material and tabulate proxy votes. Annual IRS reporting and escheatment of abandoned property and OFAC monitoring are also key services provided by transfer agents.

The Park National Bank Shareholder Services is registered pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to perform all stock transfer-related services.

Technologically Sound - We utilize the skill and expertise of TRAN*STAR software, the premier leader in stock transfer services that enables us to provide customized, full-scale service at competitive prices. We listen to the needs of our companies then customize our services to match - we do not have a one-size fits all package.

Personal Service - Our trained professionals can customize a service program designed for your specific goals no matter what you require. Our goal is to help you exceed your goals!

Time for a Change - We have significant experience converting shareholder records from various processing systems, providing a quick and truly seamless transition when changing transfer agents.

Direct Registration Services (DRS) - We bring the advantages of book-entry shareholding to registered shareholders through efficiency, versatility, security, and convenience with Direct Registration. This allows shares to be owned, recorded and transferred electronically, without a physical stock certificate.

Exchange Agent/Paying Agent - We work with your legal department and assist in preparing and mailing Letters of Transmittals and other necessary documents during times of mergers and acquisitions. We can collect the old stock certificates and issue new shares or cash proceeds according to the terms of the merger along with the IRS reporting. Escrow agent services are also available.

Stock Dividends and Stock Split - We easily process your stock dividends and splits, whether through Direct Registration or issuance of paper certificates.

Online Access - With a click of the mouse, shareholders can view a summary of their account, scan their dividend payment or reinvestment history, examine certificate detail, obtain 1099 tax history as well as print forms, vote by proxy and even change their address online.