Other Services
We offer a lot more than accounts and ATMs! Here are a few of our services that we believe may be helpful to you and make banking with us even more convenient.

Visa Check Cards are a safe, convenient alternative to carrying cash or writing checks.

24-hour Telebank is an automated telephone service that helps you check on your accounts 24 hours a day. You can do more than just hear your balance, deposits, and withdrawals. You can transfer money between accounts and make internal loan payments -- all free! Just dial 740.399.5463.

Official (certified) Checks and Money Orders are offered at every office. Official checks cost $5. Money orders cost $4 and are limited to amounts under $1,000.

Safe Deposit Boxes are available in several offices in a variety of sizes.  

Purchase and redemption of foreign currency is available at any First-Knox National Bank office with minimal cost to you.

Wire Transfers are available at all First-Knox National Bank locations. For incoming transfers the cost is $12.50 and outgoing domestic is $25. Outgoing foreign prices vary.