Automated Clearing House Services
ACH Services… banking at the speed of light!

By establishing an Automated Clearing House (ACH) account for your business, you get the full benefits of electronic banking. Greater transaction speed means more control of your funds, improving your cash position while reducing paperwork and processing costs.

This electronic system allows the creation of ACH files that are presented to the bank for further transmission through the Federal Reserve's ACH system. Uses include direct deposit of payroll, federal and state tax payments, using the Electronic Federal Tax Payments System (EFTPS), government payments, and collection of payments or dues, or recurring payments. Transactions occur rapidly, eliminating float. System automation maximizes a company's total daily cash position, especially for businesses with branches or franchise locations.


  • Transactions occur rapidly, no float
  • Decreases labor and paperwork due to transaction automation
  • Maximizes a company’s total daily cash position to allow for better control over funds
  • Concentration of funds is advantageous to companies with branches or franchise operations
  • Electronic funding of debit or credit items anywhere in the United States